August 17, 2014

Based on the comments, Facebook likes, Twitter follows and other social media engagement, listed below are your favorite posts from the Summer Sizzler Series.

Effective Content Writing presented by Kanya StewartDay 3: #BecomeAStoryteller

“Human interest will get you everywhere! Use the power of the web (search), your own success stories and positive feedback from your customers to create content that connects people to what you do in a human way. For instance, if you sell tires, find, re-post (with credit) or write a story about a person whose life was saved because they selected the right tires or properly maintained them.”

Branding That Matters presented by Andrew MorrisonDay 11: #InventanEvent

“Plan an event. The press loves events. Use an event to assemble your current clients and future prospects. Allow others to discuss the impact that your business had on their lives. If done properly, an event can be a powerful selling tool.”

Putting Your Web Site to Work presented by Kiah L. GrahamDay 16: #MaketheCall

“Make sure that you have a ‘call to action’ section on the home page of your web site. When someone visits your web site encourage them to send you some feedback about your business, make a purchase, or provide you with their e-mail address by subscribing to your newsletter or you can keep them abreast of the latest news and updates for your business.”

Social Engagement Tools presented by L. Michelle HayesDay 23: #WearableTechnology

“Wearable Technology is the new wave in Media … Ride It! Wearable Technology, like one of my friends so eloquently said, ‘Really helps us move at the speed of our thoughts.’ It is growing in amazing ways. The key to technology such as #GoogleGlass #SmartWatches #BluetoothRings and much more is to help you do what you do better, faster and more in-depth than ever before. The best way to stay informed… is to stay informed. #Mashable is a great place to start. See:”

Mastering Social Media presented by Markita SamuelDay 26: #GetOntheList

“Get listed on Twitter! The numbers game extends beyond how many followers you have amassed. Get yourself listed as one of the top influencers in your industry and watch your numbers really soar!”