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July 1, 2014

Business Owners and Experts Unite, Help Others ‘Heat Up’ Their Businesses This Summer

New and Free Business Success Portal and Campaign Launch July 1

MIAMI, Fla./HOUSTON, Texas/TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – While many small business owners opt to use summer as a time to relax and recuperate, three entrepreneurs are on a mission to encourage fellow business owners to refuse to let their businesses go on vacation – just because they are.

“E-Business Success” author and IT expert K.L. Graham (, business coach and consultant Markita Samuel ( and PR and communications maven Kanya Stewart ( have joined forces to create, a free web portal designed to provide business owners and professionals with relevant insights, resources, and expert advice on what it takes to succeed in business with a touch of inspiration for their personal lives.

To keep business owners on their toes this summer, the trio will launch the month-long campaign “Summer Sizzlers: 30 Days and 30 Ways to Heat Up Your Business” today, July 1, via their social media channels and through the web portal. To accomplish their mission of providing business owners from all walks of life with free access to success tools, the group has enlisted the help of small business guru Andrew Morrison ( and social and new media aficionada L. Michelle Hayes ( to headline “Summer Sizzlers” with their expertise.

The series will include daily posts on a range of topics including best practices and progressive advice for successfully executing and utilizing websites, social media, content writing, branding and marketing.

“Retailers make 70 percent of their profit in the last two months of the year,” Morrison said. “Plant your marketing seeds this summer in order to reap a reach financial harvest by December.”

“Success is every business owner’s dream, but achieving success is not reserved for just the fall and spring,” Stewart said. “There are hundreds of small and simple tasks that can be done while enjoying the summer season that not only can keep your business flying high, but most of all cause it to soar. Our success series will help get business owners off to a strong start, while every one else is in ‘chill mode.’”

“Just because the summer is a time for vacation, doesn’t mean your web site has to be on vacation,” said Graham. “This series will show businesses owners how to make their web site work for them 24/7 during any season.”

“Social Media is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to keep your business engaged with your audience everyday,” Samuel said. “Finding fun and creative ways to marry your personal life and business profile during the summer will help you stand out from those who have ‘gone on vacation.’ You are your business and success never takes a holiday.”

“Summer is a great time to #BeSocial,” said Hayes. “And ‘being social’ means being online – something you can do from anywhere and only takes minutes of your time. Post it, tweet it, pin it, comment, the world is waiting to hear from you and you will be surprised what it says back.”

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About Kiah Graham
Kiah L. Graham, a native of Charleston, S.C., graduated from Florida A&M University in December 1995, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business Administration. Graham also received her Webmaster Certification from Florida State University in 2003. In 2002, she launched Sirius Web Solutions, with the mission to provide high quality service at a reasonable price, to see clients as people not dollar signs, and use technology to help organizations and businesses achieve success. Kiah has over 15 years in the computer industry and is well versed in various programming languages, database management systems, and Internet technologies. Her work experience in both the public and private sector has given her insight on the keys to success in the Information technology (IT) industry. Graham is the author of the book “E-Business Success: Using Technology to Take Your Business the Next Level.”

About L. Michelle Hayes
L. Michelle Hayes is a producer, innovator, educator and influencer. A 2001 graduate of Florida A&M University, for the past 13 years Hayes has worked on all sides of media, from anchoring/reporting national news to owning her own media company and online institute. In November 2013, Hayes was introduced to the Google Glass Explorer program, an opportunity for those interested in the next era of media technology to become a “beta tester” or “Google explorer” of the product. Since becoming an explorer, she has lectured on the future of wearable technology and created several dynamic social workshops to explore its everyday use. A rising filmmaker, she is also using the technology to help film her very first documentary “Life Content: Living What You Believe,” slated to debut in early 2015. When she’s not making what she likes to call “good media” or teaching others how to do it, she’s dedicating her time to doing social good, serving as a ministry media leader at her church, Higher Dimension Church Tallahassee, and for Life In The Now Ministries/Life In The Now TV.

About Andrew Morrison
Andrew Morrison is the creator of “27 Keys to Growing Any Business in 90 Days” and founder of Small Business Camp – an entrepreneurial training and marketing services firm. Morrison provides high-impact strategies for entrepreneurs, executives and non-profit leaders. Andrew has trained thousands of entrepreneurs from Hawaii to Nigeria, lectured at Harvard University and appeared on Oprah. Previously, he built a multi-million dollar company by providing innovative direct marketing services to Fortune 500 companies. He was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Network Journal and Crain’s Magazine 40 Under 40 and Advertising Age. In New York, Andrew hosted the “Money Making Mondays” radio show heard on 98.7 KISS-FM and in his earlier days was the recipient of the prestigious “Young Direct Marketer of the Year.”

About Markita Samuel
Markita Samuel is a business coach and consultant and the founder of the all-inclusive coaching and promotional firm Making Straight Paths. As a teacher, author and lawyer, Markita decided to create Making Straight Paths to help others discover their entrepreneurial paths to success. Markita uses hands on, creative and comprehensive approach to business, marrying purpose based philosophies and practical tools to help business owners and organizations take their ideas and bring them to life. A strategic planning expert, Samuel is passionate about leadership development, economic empowerment, social engagement and teaching business owners the power of volunteerism. Samuel is a graduate of Florida A&M University and received her J.D. from Texas Southern University – Thurgood Marshall School of Law.

About Kanya Stewart
Kanya Stewart is a co-founder and principal at Proclaim Creative & Marketing Group and also serves as the director of operations for and communications specialist for Florida A&M University, her alma mater. Kanya, who earned her degree in journalism/magazine production, has worked as a multi-platform communicator for more than 13 years. A former marketing coordinator for multi-million dollar LLT Building Corporation, she previously served in an editorial capacity with the New York Times Regional Group, the Capital Outlook Newspaper and Connecticut’s Mocha Magazine. She provided news correspondence to the National Newspaper Publishers Association (also known as the Black Press) for several years. In addition to her ongoing work as a publicist, writer and consultant, Stewart dedicates her free time to mentoring and training students who aspire to enter the media and marketing fields.

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